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World Toilet Day

What This Day Celebrates? World Toilet Day is a United Nations Observance created back in 2013 with the aim of tackling the global sanitation crisis.


Living Wage For Cleaners

Rest Ashore Cleaning is a company with a social purpose. Paying the Living Wage to our employees and delivering ethical cleaning for West Cornwall. We


Thank Your Cleaner Day

Say Thank You to the hard working people responsible for your safe and clean workplace – 21/10/20 Thank Your Cleaner Day was celebrated for the


What Does a Deep House Clean Include

Deep Cleaning Definition Deep cleaning is different from regular because it’s cleaning on steroids reaching the deep grime and dirt in your home. Oh, so your


Eco-friendly Cleaning Products UK

Around 45% of UK shoppers are now actively interested in buying products that are better for the environment according to a survey conducted by GlobalData. Almost

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