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Do you prefer a one-off session? No problem. Rest Ashore Cleaning designed a one-off clean to give your property the deep cleaning service of your dreams. After that, we recommend having regular cleaning done at least once a week for a healthy home or workplace. A one-off deep clean is important to maintain high levels of cleanliness, especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cleaning Services Guidelines

Social distancing: We recommend you not to stay in the same room as one of ours cleaners when possible or, you can stay in one room maintaining the recommended 2 metre social distance.

Payments: We ask to provide all payments by bank transfer (BACS) to avoid contact with cash.

PPE: All of our cleaners wear face masks or visors, gloves and closed shoes. Some cleaners also use overalls or aprons.

Reasons to Choose Rest Ashore Cleaning

No Contract

Book your cleaning service without the worry of being tied to a contract.

5-star Cleaners

Professional cleaners who loves to look after your home or business.

Locally Owned & Operated

Support your local business while still getting the benefits of a big-name brand.

We Pay the Real Living Wage

By paying our cleaners fairly our clients also share the benefit.

Download Rest Ashore Cleaning’s full deep cleaning checklist.

Bespoke One-off Cleaning

As a local, professional cleaning company, we can provide deep cleaning Cornwall on a regular basis. When booking your one-off deep cleaning services with us you are assured to receive a professional cleaner that has cleaning experience. We appreciate all customers are different that’s why we provide a bespoke service looking after your health and the health of your property.

Most popular questions

Duties include sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming carpeted areas and rugs. Dusting surfaces and furnitures. Scrubbing and disinfecting the everywhere in the bathroom, polishing woodwork. Cleaning kitchen appliances inside and out, as well as kitchen cupboards. Removing cobwebs, cleaning ceiling fans and lights, skirting boards, inside and out of windows, etc.
Deep cleaning is the process of thoroughly cleaning a room from top to bottom to more exacting standards than is normally performed during a regular clean leaving no stone unturned. Cleaning rough and hard to reach areas not done on regular cleaning removing all dirt and grime accumulated over a period of time.
It really depends on the size of the property and the condition it’s in. In average a 2 bedroom house usually takes 6-8 hours to complete a full deep clean using 2 cleaners.

The great advantage is that your property will be cleaned in areas that usually are not cleaned regularly. Other benefits include the reduce in allergies by reducing dust and other irritating allergens from the property. Sanitation. Reduces mold. Reduces stress. Wards off pests and much more…

For more answers to your questions please see our Cleaning FAQ page.

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