Holiday Let Cleaning in Cornwall


Holiday Home Cleaning in Cornwall

When renting a property out to holidaymakers, you want to make sure it is always meticulous because in order to receive good reviews and referrals you need to be above average. That’s why Rest Ashore Cleaning will ensure our holiday home cleaning Cornwall makes the right first impression. 

Cleaning Services Guidelines

Social distancing: We recommend you not to stay in the same room as one of ours cleaners when possible or, you can stay in one room maintaining the recommended 2 metre social distance.

Payments: We ask to provide all payments by bank transfer (BACS) to avoid contact with cash.

PPE: All of our cleaners wear face masks or visors, gloves and closed shoes. Some cleaners also use overalls or aprons.

Reasons to Choose Rest Ashore Cleaning

No Contract

Book your cleaning service without the worry of being tied to a contract.

5-star Cleaners

Professional cleaners who loves to look after your home or business.

Locally Owned & Operated

Support your local business while still getting the benefits of a big-name brand.

We Pay the Real Living Wage

By paying our cleaners fairly our clients also share the benefit.

Airbnb Cleaners in Cornwall

No-one wants a bad review as it can damage potential future booking potential so let Rest Ashore Cleaning take care of your Airbnb cleaning in Cornwall. The use of the correct PPE and safe distancing are vital to keep our staff and clients safe.

We maintain all off our customers properties to a very high standard insuring your guest leave without any doubt of one day returning again. We follow the new Airbnb cleaning protocol.

Download your updated Airbnb’s cleaning guide.

Holiday Let Cleaning Services in Cornwall

Rest Ashore Cleaning understand that holiday let cleaning services Cornwall must be delivered with efficiency and  precision every time. A proper cleaning of a holiday property should include sanitising of all surfaces, storing new laundry, putting out complimentary items, checking stock levels, cleaning inside of windows, terrace furnitures and a full high standard clean must often occur within an extremely short space of time as one set of guests checks out, before another one checks in. Due to the pandemic, for our staff safety we are not doing any laundry at the moment.

Most popular questions

When it comes to holiday let cleaning prices Cornwall there isn’t a set price as each property is different; it would depend on a few factors including size of the property, number of rooms, any extra requirements (such as pool, spa or bbq area cleaning), turn-around time and location. 

It’s basically the cleaning of holiday rental premises at the end of a guests’ stay before a new one arrives called the changeover.

We have it available at your disposal. Just click here to download the new Airbnb cleaning protocol handbook.  

Hair on the bathroom floor, in the sink, shower or bath.
Mould on the shower curtains and silicone sealant.
Dirty oven, microwave, toaster, fridge or BBQ.
Dirt or food under the sofa or cushions.
Stained bed sheets or towels.
Mould/musty smell.

For more answers to your questions please see our Cleaning FAQ page.

Cornwall Cottage Cleaning Company

With the same high standards of service and homeowner support, we at Rest Ashore Cleaning are the right Cornwall cottage cleaning company to partner with. Whether you have a second home or a holiday-let you can be assured that our knowledge, skill and bespoke services will keep your holiday cottage in great condition pleasing both you and your guests. Our cleaners can carry out inventory checklists to ensure that all appliances and items are safe in your property and in the right place. We use specialist routines and techniques to provide you with a bespoke service. 

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